Care of the mini pigs

Mini pigs are extremely easy-care companions because they don't need an extensive wellness program. However, you should put a little emphasis on the external appearance of your mini pigs. To do this, it is enough to brush out the bristles of the pigs once a day. You can find a suitable brush in our shop: Brush on both sides. At the same time, this brushing out is also a boon for your pigs, because every spot is properly scratched once.

We ourselves have found that our mini pigs do not have to shower or bathe. They are very clean animals that do not have an unpleasant odor. If the pigs wallow in the mud and you want to take them into the house afterwards, then let them stay in their hut until the mud has dried and brush the earth out of the bristle dress. Otherwise, the mud bath is very important for you, as you can get rid of any vermin and protect yourself from the sun's rays. Otherwise they could get sunburn, which is especially important with light-colored pigs. Also offers enough shade in the open air to avoid sunburn.

If there is enough exercise, the claws (toenails) are ground by themselves; if the claws get too long, this is a sign of too little exercise. You can either trim the claws yourself with a file or ask the vet for help. Some pigs like it very much and even fall on their side and allow them to be cared for, while others do not let you run with a file. You should adjust the file size to the claw size and please do not use a coarse rasp.

Every six months the mini pigs should get a deworming treatment that sounds worse than it is. You ask your veterinarian for this deworming, who will give you a suitable amount for your weight of the pigs and then you have to mix this agent into the food.