Character traits of mini pigs

I'll start directly with the most important sentence, although the topic is better off in the "Posture" category:

Mini pigs are rotters and have a strong character.

What I mean to say is that you absolutely need a fellow. In the wild, pigs are members of a herd. The word "Rotte" in pigs is comparable to the word "Pack", which is more known in dogs. The consequence of keeping a single pig is that its tender soul withers and behavioral disorders can occur. A dog or a cat and a person are not enough as a reference! That is why we call on all sensible and future mini-pig owners, if you decide to have the mini-pig as a pet, then please always in pairs. The best combination is a neutered boar and a sow. The boar is the male name and the female pig is called the sow.

But let's go on to the beautiful character pages, mini pigs are incredibly intelligent, affectionate and very loving and loyal to people.

The attachment comes from the rotting behavior, the pig will not leave your side unless it is frightened or gets a tasty smell in its trunk.

Piggies are so intelligent that they can solve any new puzzle faster than a dog. They also learn commands very quickly, such as a "sit", but mini-pigs only carry out these commands for as long as they feel like doing it. So if you want a pet who wants to show your friends and relatives what commands you have taught your animal, a pig is not the right thing for you.

In the evening, when it is slowly getting dark and the mini-pigs have eaten, the cozy part of the day begins. Your pigs want to be with you, feel your body heat and be petted. Believe me - these moments with your pigs are one of the most beautiful. When the pig comes to you on the sofa and falls asleep between your legs, turns on its side and wants to be petted on the stomach.

Not every piglet is the same, the character traits mentioned above are very likely to be different in your mini-pigs. The whole thing gives you an overview of what the behavior of these pets is like.